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Welcome to our website Texperium open innovation center for high-end reprocessing of textiles

The Texperium Foundation was established in order to promote the reprocessing of textile waste into value added products.

It is well known that the production of textile fibers, whether natural or synthetic fibers, has a major environmental impact. In many applications, textile materials are already discarded before the fibers are worn. Only a small percentage of textile products is being collected and reused. The bulk of the products are land filled or incinerated. A change is needed if the textile chain (from fiber production to the disposal of the final product) wants to make a big step forward in sustainability.

The current technology for the industrial reprocessing of textile waste generally provides a blend of fibers, yarns and pieces of fabric. Buttons, zippers and other accessories make it difficult to reuse the regained fibers in high end applications. Use in non-wovens for thermal insulation or pressure distribution is often the fate of these fibers.

However, other applications are within reach as the discarded clothing or textile products are sorted by color and composition. The quality of the sorted waste is generally much higher and this opens ways to use regained fibers in high-end products.

The role of Texperium is to bring disposers and potential users of recycled textile materials together, to develop recycling or reprocessing technologies and to demonstrate that the textile waste can be converted into raw material for new products. Texperium will get access to semi-industrial pilot lines, where tests can be conducted on a larger scale. In addition, Texperium has contacts with many parties (companies, research institutes, government) who can help to make projects a success. And by success Texperium means a result that can be used in practice to the benefit (ecological and aconomical) of all partners.

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